Onsen & Relaxation


Main bath

Experience our 13 kinds of baths, including natural one pumped from 1,400-meter depth.

  • Ooedo-onsen
  • Ooedo-onsen
  • Hyakunin-buro (Silky bath)
  • Lukewarm bath (Only for ladies)
  • Lying bath

Open-air bath

Open-air bath designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara, Landscape Artist, liberating you from cacophony of the urban area.

  • Edo Garden
  • Great open-air bath (Ladies' bath)
  • Tub bath (Ladies' bath)

Footbath Garden

Let's enjoy the foot bath with your yukata on, in the over 2314-square-meter Japanese garden designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara, Landscape Artist. Everybody, including men and ladies, can take this bath with friends and partners altogether, surrounded by the great landscape. Night brings more fantastic atmosphere.

  • Foot bath with flower
    *Only Sat. and Sun.
  • Footbath garden (Night)
  • Footbath garden (Daytime)
  • Japanese garden (Daytime)


Let's choose yours from over 10 yukata!

Let's try a yukata for free; we offer over 10 kinds! Please be in yukata in the premise.



Relax yourself, by helping with muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, waist, legs, and more.


Removing scurf and old cuticle on the skin or in the pore will enhance your metabolism to improve the condition of skin and poor circulation.
We also offer various options, like moisturizing the whole body, steamed towel, kneading with salt or set of them.

Fish therapy (Red garra)

Fish therapy (red garra) eats your old cuticle to make you more beautiful and healthy. Let's (make them) try!

Bedrock bath

Let's lay on natural stone and lava from the Sakura-jima volcano to watch the starry sky and refresh your body and mind.
The effect is enhanced by the romantic mood and aromatic flavor.